Monday, November 1, 2010

Health REF 362s

Yes, there's a lot of junk in this section. Take a look at the cart. Everything on the bottom shelf I propose throwing out, either because it's outdated, or available online.
On the left hand side of the top shelf are items that to me are iffy--no updates for most of them, but still widely held by both academic and public libraries, and containing unique information. I'm proposing that we keep them for the time being, but if any of you think they should go, I wouldn't argue.
We should continue to get the latest edition of the Self Help Group Directory as a standing order. It is useful and inexpensive.
Of the 3 books of stats, Health United States has a 2009 ed for $72; Health Care State Rankings has a 2010 ed for $82.75. Statistical Record of Health and Medicine has no update that I could find. Do we want to get these updates? Most of the material here probably could be found online, but I think the real value is in the arrangement, and the ideas it provides of the availability and sources of stats, which then can be looked up online.
The group of small items in a rubber band are old statistics for child abuse and welfare in New Jersey. The statistics online only go back to 2006. Do we want to keep?
And finally, the AHA Guide. This is a standing order at about $335. Is it worth it?

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Jane said...

Here's combined input from GS, CH and JHJ: Agree with all the discards. Update the stat books because they really can be a help in locating particularly stats online, and they are not especially expensive.

Homelessness Handbook--transfer to circ.

Advance Directives for Health Care--transfer to Legal Reference (it has a 344 call number anyway)

The other "encyclopedia" books we'll leave there, because checking their call numbers in circ, they are not a particularly good fit there either.

AHA Hospital Guide: Get every three years.