Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is a pretty simple section, and the decisions seem to be pretty clear cut to me--update all the Nolo and code stuff to the latest editions. Discard anything that is outdated that has no new edition (all those are on bottom shelf of the cart).
The tax stuff (Federal Tax Compliance Guide, Lassers) are also in this section, but shelved over with the tax forms.
Just a couple of notes: I am trying to add websites where publications can be accessed online to catalog records, for example the New Jersey Driver Manual, and Domestic Violence. I also did this for Martindale-Hubbel even though we discarded the actual volumes.
As we go further into this section, we are finding titles that we would like grouped together that have different call numbers, for example Social Security Explained is here, but other social security stuff is in 368.4; there is more living will stuff in 346, etc. We will find more of this in the next section. Rather than recatalog, I am leaning heavily toward shelving together by color coding. Many libraries are doing this--it also makes changing our minds about how things are displayed much easier. Janice is in full agreement.
Your comments, please.


Catherine Harper said...

Adding web sites to catalog records is a great idea. I also like the idea of labeling discrete sections of books that fit in various subject areas. This should make locating some of our materials easier, particularly where it's hard to tell by just looking at them that they are part of a larger whole, as is the case with the various parts of the building code. As to the NJ Uniform Construction Code, we should include in that color, box or whatever the construction code section from the NJAC or at least a “dummie” that directs patrons to it. On the "dummie", we should also include a link to the Michie NJAC database (, which gives clear instructions on how to tell if the section you are reading is up to date and how to find updates when necessary by reading appropriate cites in the New Jersey Register. The NJAC regulations constitute an important part of the NJ UCC. Putting material together under the label NJ Uniform Construction Code without including it would be tantamount to providing inaccurate legal advice.

This brings up another point. I think we need to have a disclaimer prominently displayed on all of our legal sources that indicates that, while the library makes an effort to provide legal material that is up to date and accurate, we do not vouch for the accuracy of the information contained in these sources and recommend that users seek legal advice before acting on any information they contain.

JiHae said...

Incorporating websites into the catalog is an awesome idea. As is the idea of creating a legal resources back wall in the reference area. The more self-help legal books we own, the better equipped we are to ward off people who ask for our "professional opinion" on legal matters. CH's idea of disclaimer is a good one.

Jane said...

GS says: I like the idea of arranging material so that all similar items are together (estate planning, building codes, etc). It is very frustrating when two books are essentially the same but have different call numbers. However, not changing the call number on the spine or not changing a location in the catalog to reflect where something will be located will be confusing to the public and shelvers and us. Shelvers still can’t seem to quite get the idea of the 330s and 340s in a separate section or the code books along the back.

As to the question of building codes and the like- I think we should have a second copy of many of them so that there is a copy that can be checked out. It can be very handy to have one in hand while talking to a builder/architect/plumber etc. And since the volume of the NJAC that has the Uniform Construction Code (the second volume of Title 5) disappeared for two months and mysteriously reappeared this week, I think we should make a copy of the Uniform Construction Code section and have it in a separate binder, either on the public shelves or back in our office-just in case.

I like the idea of a disclaimer. Also put in there that we cannot answer legal questions.

Kristin said...

I think the color coding is a fantastic idea and would lead to more use of the sections that you're referring to.

mlh said...

The disclaimer idea is long overdue. It would be painless. Let's do it. Color coding is also an attractive idea.