Thursday, July 16, 2009


We are racing along at a snail's pace through the 300's! I am going to have to step this up and streamline.

As stated in my last blog, I am going to leave on the cart everything I am recommending that we keep, since, even though culling the reference area is important, more important is being familiar with what we are keeping. What I am discarding or transferring to circ I am just going to list here. (Also as stated in my last blog, I am rethinking what I am transferring to circ and will be doing a lot less of this.)

Discard: Ref 304.6 Cen/Uni - All the paperbound 1990 Census stuff (8 vols)

Ref 304.6 Fed - Federal Population Census catalog of microfilm copies (4 vols)

Ref 304.6 Mat - Atlas of the 1990 Censes

Ref 304.63 Vit - Vital Statistics of the United States, 1990 (2 vols)

Ref 305.409 Han - Handbook of American Women's History (1990) - (have the 2nd ed)

Ref 305.8 Afr - African-American Almanac, 6th ed. (already deleted from cat; Ju has 7th ed)

Ref 3035.8 Sta - Statistical Record of Black America, 4th ed (based on 1990 census)

Ref 305.8 Who - Who's Who Among Black Americans, 92-94; 94-95 (ordered 2007 ed for $1.98)
Ref 305.8 New - New Jersey African Americans and the 1990 Census

Ref 305.868 His - Hispanic American Almanac, 1993 (ordered 2007 ed for 59 cents)

Ref 305.868 Sta - Statistical Record of Hispanic Americans (based on 1990 census)

Ref 305.8924 Ame - 2004 American Jewish Yearbook (ordered 2007 ed for $5)

N.J. Ref 306.09749 Rut - Images III; A Report on the Quality of Life in NJ, 1985

These are on a cart in my office if you want to look at them.


JiHae said...

'What Every American Should Know About Women's History' is physically too small to be a reference book. I'm only partially kidding. In my opinion, the format and content seem more suitable for the circulating collection. Everything else on the cart seems large and stuffy enough to stay in reference.

mlh said...

Leave the cart contents in reference.

Janie L. Hermann said...

Ditto to what JiHae said -- the only book that should not stay in Ref is the one on women's history.

Cynthia said...

Go JiHae!

I don't know these items well enough to make any worthy comments.

Catherine Harper said...

I agree with everyone else that the books on the cart should be kept in reference or moved to circ as you have tagged them.

As for the items marked for discard, I have just one request--that we keep the 1980 and 1990 census volumes for New Jersey that contain Princeton statistics. As far as I can determine, this data is not available in Historical Statistics of the U.S. or in any its online equivalents.

Just a couple of days ago, a patron asked Terri for detailed Princeton data from the 1970 and 1980 censuses. So I pulled those books from the cart and put them behind the desk temporarily, along with the photocopies of tables from the 1950, 1960, and 1970 New Jersey census volumes that the University sent us a while back.